Specs is only half of the story

This morning, i stop by an article shared by one of my friends. The title of it, is really intriguing but then after i read it, well, it’s more like a controversial fanatic writing. Well, it’s about the Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6/6+ in terms of performance. While it seems this fanwar never stop, the article kinda tickle me a bit.

Okay, so to make it short the writer explain that the processing package (SoC) on the S6 is weaker than the one on iPhone 6. He even making a special point on the GPU. If you missed out, the Galaxy S6 didn’t use Qualcomm, but instead it uses Exynos. The article shows that the GPU (Mali) is weaker than PowerVR on the iPhone 6. See image below to understand what i mean.


If you read the chart closely, yes, the Galaxy S6 is slower than the iPhone 6, but that is ONSCREEN test and what it means that the Mali T760 has more pixels to push/drive. Remember, the Galaxy S6 has a 2K display (2560×1440) more than iPhone 6 or even iPhone 6+ which tops out at 1080p. Not to sound like a Samsung fanboy, this kind of ‘logic’ is very understandable especially if you know how a GPU works. In PC Desktop world, this is a common stuff, where the more pixels/resolution, the harder it gets for GPU. Even today not all GPU (or Graphics Card) are capable rendering game at 2K or more at a acceptable fps.
Also, even if you use most of your smartphone for gaming, chances are that today’s game is still rendered at 720p or maybe some at 1080p, AND THEN the display will upscale accordingly. And as far as i know, most smartphones GPU at this time doesn’t have the power to render more than 1080p complex 3D Graphics. Not to mention a 2K display on smartphones are….. gimmicky, coz 1080p is just doing fine. 😛

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The thing is that, while some are too busy justifying the specification on one device esp.flagship, more than 80% users DON’T CARE. As long as their device run smooth, no trouble, bug-free, capture great photo, they’re happy with it.