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Read and Delivered : Most anticipated Whatsapp feature yet finally arrived

As of right now, there’s tons of instant messenger apps out there. One of the oldest if not THE oldest instant messenger is WhatsApp. If you read this, there’s a big chance that you also use it. I know, that beside simple, WhatsApp is also pretty fast in terms of sending and receiving messages. But still, the users feels that it should have one particullar important feature.

Finally the developer heard and adding the so called important feature especially with the other messenger already implement it. So, with the latest update, WhatsApp finally brings the Read and Delivered indicator feature. To have this, you must update to the latest version.

On this latest version, if the message was delivered it will have two check marks in grey opposed green in prior version. And when the recipient read, it’ll turn blue. You can also check the detail by swiping the particular message (iOS) or taping the “i” symbol (Android).

Now WhatsApp has catches up with the other messenger, i think it’ll bring those self destruct feature too for the next update. 😀

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