ASUS ROG G550JK : Game is my first name

Honestly, i myself never considered a gaming laptop. Not only they’re lack of the performance for a same price point versus Desktop PC, it also usually very heavy and bulky. But then i saw this gaming laptop from Asus. It’s from their infamous ROG -Republic of Gamer- line-up which is should be really gaming oriented. So, does it really live up to the name? Let’s find out.

The G550JK is one of the new lineup from Asus’s ROG Gaming Laptop. First thing i notice about this laptop is it’s pretty thin and sleek for a gaming laptop. Compared to previous ROG series, this one is arguably a lot better in physical stand point. But yes, it’s still weight more than ultrabook. Another thing with gaming laptop is heat and noise. Apparently, Asus has this problem addressed with well (i was impressed) Dual Independent Intelligent Fan. So it will keep the heat out while still keep it silent. Nice one there.


Okay, so lets move on to the most important aspect, Performance. Powering the G550JK is Intel® Core™ i7-4710HQ which consist of 4-cores (8 thread) with 8GB of DDR3 RAM. That’s plenty power for running most apps. And the special component for gaming is NVIDIA Geforce GTX850M with 4GB RAM. With this, you can play most new games in High Quality setting and Full-HD without any trouble. Further more, newer architecture of GTX850M keeps the power consumption low, thus increase the battery life to spend for gaming. That’s my friend, is a good news. 😀

The next aspect of gaming is sound. Okay, while “serious” gamer use headset, but i prefer using speaker. G550JK has Asus’s trademark Sonic Master technology to bring you immersive audio for a laptop. It also feature ICEPower which will increase the overall output of the audio from this laptop. But of course, if you’re gaming in a noisy environment, i still recommend you use a headset. Better to do that rather than get killed in the battle right? LOL 😀

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I’m a fan of backlit keyboard, and G550JK has a red colored backlit keyboard which tuned to match the overall look of the laptop. It also has a full keyboard including numpad which is a plus for me. Hook up a gaming mouse, and you’re ready to game whenever, wherever especially with the Full-HD IPS screen which use a matter finish to prevent reflection and distract your gaming session.


Overall Asus G550JK is in the middle of gaming laptop world. It’s not the most powerful gaming laptop but it offers good compromise between performance, ease of use and of course price. Are you looking for one? then you should check Asus G550JK.