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Zenfone 2 : Things you should know!

With the launch of Asus’s newest smartphone, Zenfone 2 at it’s homeland, more and more user are eagerly trying to get their hands on one. It’s being teased that this month it will launch in more countries in Asia, like Malaysia and India. But, before you get hasty to get one, there’s something you must ...

Review : ASUS Fonepad 8 – Kaya Fitur, Miskin Harga

Sejak kemunculan Zenfone, nama besar Asus semakin dikenal di kalangan pengguna gadget terutama Smartphone dan Tablet. Hampir setiap rilisan produk terbaru mereka menuai atensi dari pasar terutama para gadgeters. Untuk menambah “koleksi” Tablet mereka, Asus kembali menghadirkan Tablet yang cukup atraktif. Asus Fonepad 8, generasi terbaru dari jajaran Fonepad dengan besar layar 8 inci.

ASUS ROG G550JK : Game is my first name

Honestly, i myself never considered a gaming laptop. Not only they’re lack of the performance for a same price point versus Desktop PC, it also usually very heavy and bulky. But then i saw this gaming laptop from Asus. It’s from their infamous ROG -Republic of Gamer- line-up which is should be really gaming oriented. ...

Zoomed In : More Zen from Asus’s Zenfone line-up

Last year, Asus launched the Zenfone line-up which pretty impressive in terms of pricing/specs. This year they aim to sold more with the new Zenfone 2 and SURPRISE!! Zenfone Zoom. Also, suprisingly both of these device looks like another smartphone “inspired”.

Asus Zenfone 5 – See what Pixelmaster can do

One of the most regarded feature on a smartphone is the camera. Some even trying to do something unusual like put 2 module on 1 side. No, i’m not pointing at particular smartphone model 😛 And this time, let’s take a look on how the Zenfone 5 fares againts the competition with its 8 Megapixel ...